July 2023


Ministry Friends,


Ministry Update:

July has been such an encouraging month. We have had many opportunities to present in churches from Texas to Indiana to Ohio. Kevin and Stacey have shared their hearts and testimonies for the country and the people of Wales. Most recently after a service, Kevin was talking to a young man who was struggling with his future regarding answering the call of ministry in his life. He said that Kevin really challenged him to take the next step and after praying about it, he answered the call to missions! How exciting that God can use our story and challenges to encourage future missionaries.

The third week in July was spent with our fellow missionaries, as we completed our final year of Advanced Missions Training. This was a challenging week of training and learning about how to prepare for our future life and ministries in Wales. After our week of training, we immediately headed to our next church to continue deputation.

As we are out and about, we are always looking for ways to share the gospel and tell people about our ministry. Most recently we met Shyla, a coffee shop Barista. During our conversation, she expressed that she used to go to church and at one time thought she was going to be a missionary. She told us she knew she needed to be back in church. We suggested a local church for her to visit, and we let her know we would be praying for her. Please pray that we can get her connected with the pastor and a great church family that will encourage her.

Life Update:

As parents, we always desire and pray that our children know and understand the need for the Saviour. Our youngest daughter Ashlee (13), has been struggling and questioning if she really accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour at a young age. During a conversation with her sisters after a Wednesday night service, one of them asked her if she was saved. It was through this conversation that Ashlee realized that she was unsure. Kevin was able to talk with her and show her how she could be sure. On July 26, 2023, Ashlee accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and no longer has doubts!


Prayer Requests:

1. Continued health and safety as we travel

2. We can be a blessing to church families that are on our 2023 schedule

3. Our 2024 calendar can be filled with more churches to visit

Praise Updates:

1. Ashlee’s salvation

2. Our sending church had 17 salvations during VBS

3. God’s goodness and protection in our travels so far

Kevin sharing his heart for the country of Wales

The Adams girls singing and using their talents for the Lord

All the Missionaries at Advanced Missions Training

The girls were able to serve fellow Missionaries by babysitting during Advanced Missions Training

Kevin and Stacey answer questions about the Country of Wales

Avery and Addison setting up our display table and answering questions.