March 2023


Ministry Friends,

1 Month, 4 States, 6,285 Miles….

What a great month it has been! After finishing our second full month out on the deputation road, we started March by going to Shelbyville, Indiana, at Hope Point’s Baptist Church. What a wonderful five days we had to present our ministry! Pastor Greg and Mary Albert were a huge encouragement and blessing to us this week. After our time In Shelbyville, the five of us boarded a plane and headed to Everett and Spanaway, Washington.

We spent several days in Everett Bible Baptist Church with Pastor Erik Sanders. It was also an added bonus to reconnect with our former high school youth counselors Dave and Cheri Green. While there, we were able to share our hearts for Wales and connect with another fantastic church. After our time in Everett, we went to Spanaway, Washington, where we were once again blessed and encouraged by the Mountain Highway Baptist Church members. During this time we were able to spend some time with the Jimenez family–our friends and fellow missionaries.

After completing our time in Spanaway, our family boarded our flight and went back to Indianapolis, Indiana. From there, we drove to Canton, Ohio. What a great conference at Canton Baptist Temple! Kevin and Stacey were both able to present their testimonies and call to Wales. Our family participated in the Men’s Prayer Breakfast, a youth question and answer session, and Kevin preached in the young adult’s Bible Fellowship.

We ended the month of March in Alva, Oklahoma, with Pastor John Clapp. The girls sang, we presented our video and testimonies, and Kevin preached both Sunday morning and night.

After each presentation, it has been amazing to see God work on the hearts of so many and watch as they give testimony of wanting to become more involved in missions and giving to Faith Promise. It is so encouraging to realize that our story resonates with others and can be used to further the gospel in this way!

Answer To Prayer!

We truly are thankful for all your prayers. Before we headed out this past month we ran into a massive safety issue with our van. In one week’s time it went from the possibility of us needing to buy a different van (due to it possibly not being fixable), to possibly repairing it at a huge cost, to being able to have a business repair it safely at no charge to us! It was a whirlwind for sure, but God showed up big! We are thankful for the ones who blessed us through this!

Kevin Stamping the kids Passports in Everett,Washington

Kevin and Stacey presenting their call to Missions at Canton Baptist Temple

Adrian and Addison helping at our display table.

Kevin and Stacey with Katie Jimenez Fellow Missionary sent from Cherry Baptist Church

Sheep at our Canton Baptist Temple Display