November – December 2023

Nadolig Llawen

(Merry Christmas)

Ministry Update

It is hard to believe we are at the end of 2023. This past year has been full of many changes. While adjusting to a new way of life during deputation on the road, we have learned so much as a family, stretched and grown our faith, and are truly gaining an understanding of how to live by faith and rely on God. It has been an awe-inspiring experience to see how God has used every church to be a blessing and an encouragement to us. Thank you!

Even through the busy holiday season, we were able to have many opportunities to present our ministry and heart for Wales. In November, we focused on being thankful for all we have and have been given, while December was a time to be reminded how God uses the humble and unassuming to do mighty things. It was a great reminder this holiday season that anyone can be used by God when they are willing to say yes. Recently after a service where we had shared our testimonies of feeling unqualified for missions, but finally realizing that God just wanted us to be willing to go, a gentleman approached Kevin and embraced him. He told us his story of wrestling with God and asking God to show him what was possible. He stated that our story was the confirmation that he needed to tell God yes to His call! We are so thankful that Jesus makes the impossible possible!

Family Update

In November we were thankful that God provided more churches to add to our prayer and ministry support. While it was a busy month with appointments, we were able to take time and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with both of our families. A bonus was we were able to be present to celebrate Kevin’s dad getting married! We are so thankful that God has brought Connie into our family. During December, we were able to get home just in time to prepare for Christmas with our families. We know our time together is short, and we are soaking up all the opportunities we are blessed to spend together.

Looking Forward to 2024

We are expecting God to do mighty things as we head into 2024! Please continue to pray with us for God’s perfect timing as we begin taking the steps to prepare for our move to Wales. There are many moving pieces in the process of our actual relocation including beginning the sponsorship process, preparing and applying for our Visas, and raising support for our one-time set-up costs. God will go before us, and only He knows the timing of when and how these things will take place.

We are so excited to share and celebrate with you all GREAT NEWS! Because of your faithfulness and generosity, we have already had some of our one-time costs met! Our plane tickets and vehicle are fully funded, and we are in the process of fulfilling the other expenses! Thank you, thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way! To God be the Glory!!

Kevin answering questions about missions and Wales

Kevin Preaching in Ohio

Adrian Ashlee, Avery & Addison singing in Florida

Stacey giving her testimony in Michigan

Kevin and Stacey present together in Indiana

Adrian Ashlee, Avery & Addison singing in Ohio